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About Journal

Turkish Journal of Bioethics is published by the Turkish Bioethics Association

Scope and Aim:

Turkish Journal of Bioethics, published online by the Turkish Bioethics Association, adopts the broadest definition of the concept of bioethics, which is the "study of the value issues that arise during the entire human endeavors". The Journal publishes the national and international works in the field in Turkish and English. Besides the original research and review articles, the Journal consists of case reports and discussions, book reviews, policy analysis, student works and discussion forums sections.

The aim of the Turkish Journal of Bioethics, is to bring together the national and international, especially regional studies on bioethics and academics and the community. In addition, we aim to raise awareness about the value problems arising from the entire human endeavor, to provide references and teaching material for the various fields of bioethics, to endorse the legal regulatory efforts with the relevant data. The target audience are academics and graduate students working in the field as well as the professionals who are interested in the value issues of their professions.

The Turkish Journal of Bioethics is published quarterly. Except the works of students which will be solely reviewed by the Editorial Board, all the papers will be double-blind peer-reviewed. We follow the principles of scientific research and publication ethics meticulously.


On behalf of Turkish Bioethics Association N. Yasemin Yalim, MD. PhD.

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Turkish Journal of Bioethics

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Turkish Journal of Bioethics (TJOB) published by Turkish Bioethics Associaton

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